Welcome to Atari Foundation

The Atari Foundation Centre is situated at 126-Sanwariya City,Chhatrapura,Bundi. This organisation is very famous as lots of works are implemented here. 

The services which are provided at this centre are as follows :- Two Wheeler Service and Repair Training,Four Wheeler Service and Repair training,Computer Hardware Service and Repair Training,Computer Software Developing Coaching,AC Service and Repair Training,CCTV Camera Service and Repair Training,Mobile Service And Repair Training,Nursery Development Training,Vermicompost Making Training,Kitchen Waste Organic Composting Training,Jivamrit Organic Composting Training,Dhan Jivamrit Organic Composting Training,Beekeeping Training,Fisheries Training,etc.

Versatile types of activities are teached here. It lead to the overall development of the people. People from diversified backgrounds come here to learn the much engaging activities and services.All type of extra curricular activities that are required for the overall development of the person are teached here.All types of mandatory services are provided here very appropriately.Our foundation knows what to teach the individuals for the expansion of their knowledge. We are much passionate and committed towards our work and expect the same from the learning candidates.One can learn a majority of things from here.