Welcome to NOOR PALACE


Noor Palace situated at dablana Bundi Raj. When you are thinking of visiting the beautiful and historical City Bundi, then Noor Palace is such great farm house that makes your visit more beautiful and memorable. Whether you are looking to enjoy with your family while on vacation or are organizing some kind of party, then with Here you will be able to do it in a different and unique way, that's our promise. Your birthday party, engagement ceremony, anniversary party, festival party, office party and more.

Noor Palace has a big ground with green grass, playground for kids and the most beautiful is a wonderful big pool Which will make your moments more fun and memorable. There is ample space for you to sit, cook and for the guests to move around. So without any thought, change your holiday and party style with Noor Palace Our Palace has tons of ideas to give you a great dining experience.

Will make your party beautiful in every season visit Noor Palace Like its name this place is full of noor (beauty) to make your party Nice and luxurious. Noor palace gives great view to your functions.