Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

What a privacy policy

Privacy policy is a legal agreement that explains what kinds of personal, business related and other necessary information you gather through website of visitors. How you use this Information and how you keep it safe.

Purpose of privacy policy

To provide better services, to improve customer experience, customers sell of products/ services or develop a good product for improve human life. Tradefixa will keep secure customer data for research and development for a good product/service, by using machine learning, artificial intelligence etc. By using our cloud based services we secure data of customers on behalf of their permissions. We take/get permission of customer when subscription or singing up of using our services. Every company want secure it self and provide securities to it's customers by protecting their data. Because data is oil of this technology era. What customer want, what is his/her choice, what kind of products they want to purchase that must be secret. Nowadays customer want to feel free in every situation to live a better life. It's benefit to both company and customer to have a good privacy policy for their future agreement to easy to do business. It's a legal contract between Tradefixa and customer to avoid lack of cummunication and open a new idea, new source of better services. As we maintain all our ideas to providing best services to customer so privacy policy is a part of this. 

Which information is collected

In our privacy policy we have already mentioned that with the help of our artificial intelligence algorithms we must collect ,save ,secure customer details like personal information i.e. customer name, contact number, mail id, address and business related information I.e. office address, contact number, products/services details etc. and what is customer searching.

Method of data collection & uses

Technology will decrease all problem of human being. We use our machine learning techniques to secure data of each customer. If a customer will go to website or APP to search whatever he/she wants. Our Marketing team will personally meet to entrepreneur to ask them question and collect all the information regarding their business and upload it into Tradefixa. Customer can also create his business profile on Tradefixa and login. When using our portal algorithm will automatically inform to customers regarding his benefits. All collected data will be using by our artificial intelligence techniques to solve customer problems. We also recommends services to customers about his interest. 

Children under 13

We allow children below under 13 to use our portal. Because our portal doesn't have any inappropriate content that is harmful for children under age of 13 year. It's a business portal site so anyone can easily access it & learn or know about what he/she wants.


As a name of our platform Tradefixa we fix a trade between two parties. Weither it may be wholeseller-retailer, manufacturer or retailer ,exporter, buyers & sellers. We have good communicating and skilled marketing team to provide best complete deal solutions to our customers. We save time, money, energy of customer ( buyers/sellers ) because it's take a time to complete a deal.

Dispute resolution

We always believe in honesty. We never want to harm or spoil time, money and energy of our customers and anyone. But accident can be happen by any reason. In that case any type of dispute resolution Jaipur jurisdiction will be centre. Future changes to privacy policy For customer benefit we would like to change our privacy policy to provide best services to customers. Time to time we can change our privacy policy. Each time when we will change our privacy policy we will inform to customer. Customer may accept or ignore policy change. 

Control information

We would like to let you know that we will secure your all information & we will have all control on all information. Customer will have all control on his information. We will never share customer data with anyone. If government want to know about customers data for national security in that situation we will believe in our constitution.

Cookies policy

A cookie policy is a declaration to our users on what cookies are active on our portal. What user data we track, for what purpose and where in the world this data is sent. Cookies are a potential risk, because they are able to track, store & share user behavior. We use cookies to data analysis, for our portal, also we use cookies to personalise content & add, to provide social media features to analyse our traffic. We also share information about your use at our site with our social media, advertising & analytics, partners who may combine it with other information you have provided to them or that they have collected from use of their services.

Third party access

Third party access policies require owner of nature monopoly infrastructure facilities to grant access to those parties other than their own customers, usually competitors in the provision of the relevant services, on commercial terms comparable to those that would apply in a competitive market. We will follow our government guidelines regarding third party access. According to our company law we are liable to share information with our partners to secure data & analys , process for ads, social media platform and learn customer behaviour.

Data retention

Data retention means the policies of persistent data and records management for legal & business data archival requirements. Data also collected from local market. The primary objective in data retention is traffic analysis and mass surveillance. part of any effective data retention policy is permanent delete of retend data. Achieving secure deletion of data by encrypting the data when stored and then deleting the encryption key after a specified retention period. Effectively deleting the data object and it's copies stored in online and offline locations.

Location access & agreement

In our platform for better experience we have location of every business, we also want to know location of every individual.A location agreement is a document that gives permission to enter private property for the use of recording content, video, photographs, image. List of key elements in location agreement

1. Permission to enter & record the property.

2. Right to use recording.

3. Compensation

4. Ownership of the recordings.

5. No obligation to use.

6. Indemnification.

7. Logo's and Mark's.

8. Third party intellectual property.

Refund policy

Refund & Cancelation

At Tradefixa, our Refund Policy is grounded on standardized practices that rigorously follow artificial morals. We put up with fair assessment practices and all the refund claims are reused with watchful parameters to make sure the opinions are justified and mutually agreeable.Our programs are treated with applicable measures to settle different claims, forming from different assortments of requirements and colorful business situations.

Coverage & Scope

This Refund Policy covers Tradefixa’s action and approach towards refunds. This Refund Policy doesn't apply to the practices of companies that Tradefixa doesn't enjoy or control or of persons that Tradefixa doesn't employ or manage, including any third- party service and/ or product providers bound by contract and any third- party websites to which Tradefixa’s websites link.

When Do You Qualify For Refunds?

When you file a complaint to Tradefixa, we first try to give an ideal result to the issue you're facing. Your case is first introduced to the specialized platoon and also reported farther to the experts ’ panel. Refund is only made in the extreme circumstances, when nothing good can be done to break the issue.
While planning for refunds we check for soundness and validity of the case, applying different conditions toit.However, refund may apply

* If these conditions are satisfied.

* Development/Post-sales operations has not yet started

* The issues with the design are beyond the compass of rectification/ resolution/ fixing

* You haven't violated our payment terms

* You haven't used any information for financial/ business benefits( gained during the course of association)

* The reasons you made are valid/ rational/ realistic enough to qualify for refund trial

* Should be suitable to demonstrate his/ her innovative UI design and development chops and understand what makes an app addicting and charming.

* You have presented all the attestations and attestations surfacing your refund claim

* The claim doesn't arise from any billing disagreement coming from your bank or payment seller

Important Note If any of the points mentioned over is set up violated, your claim will be considered void. The decision on refunds is final and irrevocable

How The Refund Takes Place?

1. Pre-Refund

* Refund query is reused, anatomized and checked for veracity

* Match the query with the agreeable parameters and valid reference points

* Arrange for refunds in admissible situations and settle completely or incompletely, as the case may be

* We are not liable for refund in these situations,

* In case of any kind of pandemic or natural calamity or any kind of interruption which will hinder your business.

* In any kind of epidemic or natural calamity or any kind of obstruction, which will hinder your business,will not be kept in this time so that you can run your business smoothly.

2. Post-Refund

* Subscribe a evidence agreement

* Unless you have been told else, you destroy all clones of information participated and communication that happened in the due course

3. Sale

* The refund may take 6 business months to reuse, after the refund agreement is inked

* You are not eligible for a refund after taking one year of service, your business will be listed on our platform for one year, the fee is.

* You'll be reimbursed in the currency you were chargedin.However, your bank may charge exchange freights, or a change in the exchange rate may have redounded in a difference in the quantum reimbursed compared to the quantum you firstly paid( in your native currency), If this isn't your native currency. It's solely your responsibility if you have to pay any freight or bear any losses in this process.

Tradefixa may at any time, without notice to you and in its sole discretion, amend this policy periodically. You're anticipated to check the policy from time to time for updates.For further information on our Refund Policy, communicate us at